"The future is a door, the past is the key" - Victor Hugo -

Victor Hugo

Seit 2012 ist Colombo Filippetti Teil der INMAN Gruppe. Die Stärke eines größeren industriellen Unternehmensverbundes hat es uns ermöglicht, Filialen und Verkaufsnetze auf der ganzen Welt zu errichten und unser kommerzielles Potential erheblich auszusbauen. Ebenfalls konnten die Produktionskapazitäten wesentlich erhöht werden, so dass sehr interessante Skaleneffekte erzeugt werden konnten. Schließlich unterstützen die finanziellen Möglichkeiten eines größeren Unternehmensverbundes die Anforderungen für ein konstantes Wachstum.

Worldwide Sales Network

Thanks to our branches in the main industrialized countries and to our several partners, we are able to satisfy customers all over the world and to offer them a complete, qualified and always available support and assistance service.

Business Continuity

From WW II postwar to the New Millennium, from the first standardized solutions to Industry 4.0., Colombo Filippetti ensures the continuity - throughout generations - of the company's founding values: quality and passion.

Premium Quality

We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, to guarantee a Quality Management System able to fully satisfy customer expectations. All our mechanisms are meticulously produced and tested, to get always the best result.

Configured products offer in 24 hours

Speed and efficiency are our keywords. Send us your configuration request and our team of experts will process it in just 24 hours and forward you the best technical-commercial offer.

People-Centered Strategy

Our company has always paid attention to the human aspect of relationships. Internal resources and skills valorization as well as H2H (human to human) customer approach - dedicated to their specific needs - play a fundamental role in the way we have built the trust in our brand over time.